Back-to-School Instagram Give Away!

Back-to-School Instagram Give Away!

Sep 21st 2018

We partnered with actress, producer, lifestyle blogger and mom of two young boys, Samsantha Gutstadt (@gutstadt) for our first Instagram giveaway!

As parents we often put ourselves last because we are so busy taking care of everyone else. It's back-to-school or "back-to-flu" season and therefore time amp up our self care by boosting immunity, energy and overall health.

Here's where HealthPHix comes in with an easy-to-stick-to system. An antioxidant-rich, Anti-Aging MultiVitamin and an alkalizing Anti-Aging Mineral Blend that you mix with water for all day hydration, energy and clarity. The Mineral Blend is even more beneficial if you workout regularly as it replenishes the essential minerals you lose while training, to keep your heart, muscles and whole body functioning properly. Both are expertly formulated to nurture optimal cellular function--the foundation of strong health and fitness. The easy daily packets are made with pure ingredients in the USA, no fillers or artificial anything.

Click HERE to enter to win a 30 day supply of HealthPHix Anti-Aging MultiVitamin and Anti-Aging Mineral Blend. It takes a minute to enter, you just need to have an Instagram account (and if you don't have one, it takes a another minute to create one)! Contest ends 9/30/18.

Good luck!