I've been using Healthphix supplements for about 3 years now and have found tremendous benefits.  My overall health has been better, energy levels higher and I seem to even sleep better.One of the most obvious changes was that I was dealing with acid reflux and taking Nexium daily before using the Healthphix products.  After using them regularly for a while without taking Nexium all my issues seemed to have gone away.  That was tremendous for me for all kinds of reasons.I highly recommend them!

E.A. Tischler, Owner/Director of Instruction of New Horizons Golf

Great product! I have been using the mineral blend for years. As an extreme athlete, biochemistry is necessary for top performance and injury recovery. This product is a must where heavy activity and endurance are a part of your game, for me it's desert motocross, rock climbing or cycling. Here is the solution to minimize muscle cramping and enhance performance! For long or short hauls this helps maintain vital mineral balance for healthy muscle physiology. Love the packets and the mix...PERFECT!

Bill Collins, PT, Murrieta CA

Oh I am loving the minerals ❤️! I take 1/2 right before my morning workout and it gives me extra energy, then I take the rest around 11:00 am and it gives me an extra boost. I can feel my skin clearing up and feeling fresh.  I really love them. I am so so thankful I found you and your company.  I look forward to having this product always in my life. 

Connie Thomson, 39, First Time Mom, Corona Del Mar, CA

I've been using the HealthPHix supplements for some time now and really must say they are the best Multimineral and Multivitamin supplement around.  I feel much more energetic and healthy when i'm consistently using these supplements on a daily basis.  I've had a few occasions where I went without them for months at a time (life catches up sometimes, nobody is perfect) and my body feels it.  I'm lethargic and have a harder time healing from daily stress and workouts  I've also noticed that my immune system is better and I don't get sick if i'm consistently taking these supplements, even being around patients all day.  If I am starting to feel the start of a cold coming on, I'll increase my dosage slightly of the minerals and that takes care of it.  I recommend these to all my patients for increased overall health, but especially those that are starting to experience the onset of osteopenia or any of my athletes with bone related injuries (mainly stress fractures) to decrease the healing time.

Dr. Brian Zelasko, DC, CSCS, Soft Tissue Specialist & Integrative Diagnosis Provider, Consulting Chiropractor Buffalo Bills

Thank you for sending the order so promptly, I do not like to run out. When I was introduced to your products in 2006 (called HealthConnexin then), I was skeptical at first, but after taking them for a month, I started noticing a vast improvement in my physical condition.  I had more energy and stamina.  Aches in my bones diminished.  My doctor noticed an improvement in my blood work. I split them up, 1/2 in the morning and the other 1/2 in the evening.  This spreads out the benefits all through the day and night.  I had tried one a day vitamins and other supplements but by far these are the best.  Thank you!

Frederick Bashara, Montpelier, VT

HealthPhix Anti-Aging Mineral Blend is the only mineral supplement I've ever found to raise my pH quickly. Even my most skeptical patient was sure her prescription calcium supplement was adequate, was shocked to find out HealthPhix outperformed it hands-down. Thanks HealthPhix.

Dr. Peter Cichonski, DC , Riverside, CA

The Mineral Blend been part of our life for 12 years. Gordon is 70 years old and has been taking this product faithfully for 12 years. He still works as a farm mechanic, which is not an easy job at the best of times but he does not have any down days!! His employer is convinced he is only 60 years old. Younger employees cannot keep up with his energy. He still runs, plays ball, bikes, climbs and jumps with his 8 year old Grandson. Gordon swears by this product and feels that this is what keeps him young and active. Please keep this product coming!

Gordon & Violet Gustafson, Manitoba, Canada

I have a long-standing fibromyalgia condition that makes absorbing minerals, vitamins and nutrients challenging. Over the last few years, the HealthPhix minerals have been exactly what my body is able to absorb. I have increased energy, significantly less muscle cramping and I feel like it improves my overall health.

Beckie Hynds, Moreno Valley, CA

I love them myself, but also encourage my patients to use this product. I think HealthPhix is more bio-available than other products. Not only does it supply Calcium supplement, but also the balance Magnesium. This not only helps with bone density, but helps with GI function as well.

Kim Barnes, Arvada, CO

My wife and I have been taking the Anti-Aging MultiVitamin for 9 years. We both feel really good on a daily basis and have definitely noticed that we don't seem to get colds as often as we did in the past. Since taking HealthPhix, what we experience when we have gotten a cold is mild symptoms for perhaps two days and then we feel fine again. I would say that I honestly can't remember the last time either of us had a typical knock-you-on-your-rear end-up-in-bed cold. We tell everyone the same thing—that we love these vitamins and feel they have made a difference in our health. We just feel over-all healthier since we started taking them.

Kath & Curt Miller, Simi Valley, CA

I love HealthPhix vitamins and minerals, and having been taking them for several years now! I am convinced they are a huge part of my good health, as I am a very active 64-year-old and prone to sleep deprivation and anxiety. I work graveyard shift in a County hospital yet I rarely get sick, unlike most of my co-workers. The minerals especially provide a relaxing kind of energy that I feel immediately when I drink them. Others comment often on where I get all my energy, and I know HealthPhix helps me counteract many negative environmental issues and maintain all my high-energy activities!

Patti Jacobs, Riverside, CA

Before I started taking the Anti-Aging Mineral Blend my blood pressure was 175 over 95. My doctor was very concerned and wanted to put me on blood pressure medicine. Within a few weeks of taking HealthPhix Anti-Aging Mineral Blend my blood pressure was down to 115 over 75 and I was running the best times of my life. I feel better than I have in years and I can honestly say that HealthPhix is the only supplement that has actually impacted my health in a measurable way.

Adam MacDonald, Newport Beach, CA